If you're looking to rent a RV, travel trailer or motorhome for your next vacation, take a look at the rentals we have on offer here at Riverside and choose from a variety of models to suit your needs and your budget!

Located in North Dakota we have motorhome and camper rentals for any occasion. Rent a RV today for a fun and relaxing vacation. Travel along the Louis and Clark trail through the Dakotas and enjoy the great scenery.

There are so many great benefits to getting out on the open road and travelling the routes less travelled by your average vacationer.


Make your reservations today, ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing getaway. Travel in luxury with an RV today. Specialized motorhome rentals for all occasions. Daily, weekly or monthly rates available.

We provide:

Enjoying Your RV

There's nothing quite like getting the chance to really enjoy getting out of town onto the open road for some real freedom in a fully stocked RV! You choose where you go, which way you go and how long you're going to take getting there!

This is a kind of freedom you simply don't get when you check into a hotel and stay there for a week on vacation. Sure a hotel has loads of comforts and conveniences, but all you ever end up doing is spending all day in and around the pool and the evening in a restaurant, then watch TV before hitting the sack.

In an RV, that gets totally turned on its head!

Depending on how you plan your route, you can wake up in a different location each morning. You get to meet different people each day, most of whom share your enthusiasm for RVing because they're all checked into the same RV site you are!

You get to see places you would never get to see when you're staying in a single location hotel. You get to taste the true freedom of going where you want to go and doing what you want to do on vacation. It doesn't get any better than that!